Try the New Sensory Experience of Craft Beer at Nightlife’s Brew Lounge

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Friday, February 4, 2022 at 5:50pm UTC

Get excited: On February 5, NightLife’s Brew Lounge will have its Grand Opening.


Miami, FL, January 31, 2022— On February 5, the NightLife Brew Lounge will have its Grand Opening in Miami. And so, the very authentic philosophy of the NightLife Brewery comes to life: More than a portion of the day, the night is a state of mind where you can easily connect with others, and its magic can take over at any time; not just at nighttime. The night usually starts after work, when friends get together, and we’re free from the stress of the day.

And, to seize the night, as their brand slogan reads, the NightLife Brewery offers an ideal place with great music, an upscale-yet-inviting decor and, of course, outstanding craft beer. And while the Grand Opening is on February 5th at 5pm, the NightLife Brew Lounge is already open!

Want an intimate space to relax with your date? Tired of searching ‘local breweries near me‘ every time you want to go out? The Brew Lounge offers the perfect atmosphere. Want to meet new people and discover live music or great DJs? Experience exciting shows for all tastes.

Want to go on a journey of exciting flavors? Try their wide selection of beers, artistically crafted following some of the highest quality standards in the world.

Expert beer makers will gladly walk you through your options. Try Cabana, a beer with a light body and soft bitterness to balance out the warm toasted bready notes. Or order a round of Thunderbird, a full-body beer with a silky mouthfeel and delightful notes of coffee, chocolate, and caramel.

What about cocktails? Among the many options, we suggest Living with Passion. A wonderfully tropical-tasting cocktail that is delicate yet seductive to the senses. And of course, there’s delicious food to go with the drinks!

Above all, NightLife’s mission is to create the highest quality artisan ale and introduce a young, vibrant Miami crowd to the exciting world of craft beer culture.

As Juan O’Naghten, Founder of NightLife, puts it, “we want to make sure that you don’t get stuck in the same old rut; we want to provide something that is unique, different, and allows you to have a better time with people”.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist and decide to explore the NightLife Brew Lounge at night or during the day, you’re in for a one-of-a-kind experience. There’s always going to be a beer for you and Juan is committed to finding it. “I won’t stop until I’ve exhausted every single option”. Whether its a bitter and flavorful IPA, a tangy and fruity Sour, a refreshing Pilsner or a surprisingly crisp Amber, there’s a NightLife beer waiting to awaken the craft enthusiast inside every one of us.

Find out more about NightLife’s story and check out their menu here:

In such an iconic city, make it your mission to develop your taste, expand your knowledge, and share the experience with others. Ready to try something new? Once you try NightLife Brew Lounge, you’ll never need to search ‘breweries near me‘ again!

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Carolina Henriquez
Nightlife Brewing Co.
1588 NW 7TH ST, Miami FL, 33125
Phone: +17867872337

Nightlife Brewing Co.

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